6 to 9 years old

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Comfort for children, security for parents.

Your children are Poney Village’s honeys. Therefore, they sleep in small and cozy bedrooms. Our vigilant and welcoming staff takes care of them and is sure your kids have great holiday.

Without forgetting our responsibilities, we are here every time of the day and we ensure a closed insurance. Our animators supervise their showers, their cases, their meals, and their appetite…

A phone call and Facebook pictures will tell you their great days and activities!




Children ride three hours a day. In add, we propose many activities: walking in the forest, picnics, bivouac during summers, equestrian games, nature discovery, outside games, ponies painting, fire camps, evening gathering…

At the morning, before horse riding, children groom ponies; they give food to our cow, our rabbits, our chickens, our ducks, our goats and our sheep.


A typical day:

8:00am to 9:00am   Wake up, honeys! It’s breakfast time!   12:00 to 12:15   groom ponies   3:30 to 5:00   Horse-riding lesson or walking with ponies   7:00 to 8:00   Diner
9:00 to 10:30   Care of ponies and farm animals   12:15 to 2:00pm   Lunch time   5:15   Snack   8:00 to 9:15   evening gathering, fire camp, bivouac
10:30 to 12:00   Horse-riding lesson   2:00 to 3:30   Vaulting, pony-games…   5:30 to 7:00   Shower   9:00   Sleeping time

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