Since 2007, the Village Equestre de Conches has set up the CQP ASA training (Animator and groom assisting).

Who can do this training?

This training applies to two categories of students:
Those who wish to work in a Pony Club under the supervision of a qualified monitor,
Those who wish to become equestrian monitor.

Training duration

The training duration is 11 months and two weeks.

Equestrian level

Students need a Galop 5.

The syllabus:

People who have a CQP ASA work as an assistant, under the supervision of a qualified monitor.

Generally, they have to:

  • Welcome the public, take part in the society animation and activities promotion,
  • Groom horses and ponies, maintain equestrian material and structures,
  • Train horses and ponies,
  • Take part in horse riders activities (without full autonomy),
  • Organize pony activities.

To contact us:

Sylvie Mouilleseaux, or


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