Financial conditions


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In 2014/2015, the price was 12 800€.

This price includes, for the year:

  • Costs of study assistance (we work with National Center of distance learning);
  • Small class size with teachers (4 to 10 students a class);
  • Internship, accommodation and repast costs;
  • Group transport, from Village Equestre de Conches to train station;
  • Costs of equestrian practice;
  • Transport of internal event (cinema, Mc Do, shopping in Conches, swimming pool…).

This price doesn’t include:

  • NCDL booking costs, study school and audiovisual support (275€ the order of CNED);
  • Transport costs from your home to Conches;
  • Clothes washing costs (if you need it);
  • Study assurance;
  • If your child want to study another language than English, German, Spanish and Italian;
  • If your child want to stay during the weekend (70€);
  • Mandatory uniform;
  • Equestrian license and, if you need, competition license;
  • Horse pension costs;
  • Competition costs.

How to pay your study costs:

  • First deposit check: 4850€ (cashable when you book, non-refundable if you cancel);
  • 10 debits: 795€/debits.