From the third year of secondary school at the end of high school

Horse riding serves the academic success.

The Collège et Lycée Equestre de Conches way is to encourage your academic success and to give you a school support. Horse riding and your studies progress will help to be motivated.

We defined three objectives:
To valorize your moral, intellectual and sports capacities;
To stimulate personal effort;
To foster physical development and self-confidence.

For that, one way and one hobby: horse and equestrian sports.

The Collège et Lycée Equestre de Conches is not restricted to equestrian champions or next professional horse riders. On the contrary, a lot of students are just passionate who want to improve in ideal context.

Whatever your level (from Galop 2), the only selection is your motivation, your effort envy, your sport spirit and your horses love.

If you want to become equestrian monitor, we will welcome you, as a priority, in our vocational training center.

All our staff will receive you to examine your child candidature. To come to this information and interview days, you have to send us the “interview request” at:

Village Equestre de Conches
Le Fresne
27190 Conches en Ouche


We will be able to propose you some dates:

Dates 2014/2015

If you can’t come this days, we will propose you other dates.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Christine CHEHU or Mrs. Nathalie FRANCOIS at


A typical day:

7:30am   Wake up! It’s breakfast time!   10:35am   Classes   4:00pm   Classes   7:30pm   Studies evening
8:10am   Cleaning room   12:30   Lunch break   5:30pm   Grooming and stable cleaning   9:00pm  

Free time

8:30am   Classes   1:30pm   Horse riding   6:30pm   Shower and free time   10:30   Sleeping time
10:25am   Break   3:30pm   Grooming   7:00pm   Diner break