To become an equestrian monitor – In one year

The Village Equestre de Conches always wished to form the next equestrian monitor. With 100% of success, it’s one of the first vocational training centers in France. More than 200 monitors who exercise trained in the Village Equestre de Conches. A lot of societies look for Conches students; therefor our monitors will quickly find a job when they will obtain their diploma.

To be an equestrian monitor is a full job, if you have responsibilities, contact, pedagogy and dialogue sense, if you have intellectual, moral and sports qualities associated to “horse man” merits, this job is for you!

Your future and your professional career depend on your training quality, don’t neglect it…

Our vocation needs you!

Entry conditions:

  • To be 18 during the year,
  • To finish high school,
  • To have Galop 7,
  • Training duration: 1 or 2 years in terms of your level.

The syllabus:

The training schedule is technique, theoretical, pedagogic and useful. Moreover, to develop individual and professional skills, the Village Equestre de Conches invites a lot of equestrian professionals:

  • Ethologist,
  • Saddler,
  • Osteopath,
  • Farrier,
  • Handicap expert,
  • Chartered accountant,

We also propose one training week in the National School of Saumur.

If the student doesn’t have the equestrian level required or the age or the school level, the Village Equestre de Conches proposes some other trainings:
If you have Galop 5: A.A.E, in one year;
If you have Galop 6 or 7 and you miss equestrian experience: one year of preparation,
Equestrian High School.

Don’t hesitate to come visiting the site and to book an appointment with Sylvie Mouilleseaux, Instructor (B.E.E.S, 2nd degrees) and Equestrian Manager.

From February, she will receive you. If you’re interested, you have to send the “interview request” at:
Village Equestre de Conches – Le Fresne – 27190 Conches en Ouche.

When we’ll receive it, we’ll propose you an appointment.


To contact us :

Sylvie Mouilleseaux ou

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